Vocativ x MSNBC

  • 2015

Emmett edited many short documentaries for Vocativ that aired on MSNBC's Morning Joe and The Ronan Farrow Show. Here are some selected works:


Video #1: LA GANG INJUNCTION is about undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles who should be eligible for citizenship under President Obama's immigration reform, but are trapped in gang injunction neighborhoods where they are improperly labelled as gang members.


Video #2: NOLA UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS is about the excess of undocumented immigrants in New Orleans post-Katrina and how President Obama's recent immigration order is affecting their lives.


Video #3: PAYING FOR PEACE is about a program in Richmond, California where the city pays at risk youth not to commit murder.


Video #4: CHINAFORNIA DREAMIN' is about children of wealthy Chinese elites who are attending universities in America and the way that they flaunt their material possessions. It is Vocativ's most viewed video to date with over 100 million views worldwide.


Video #5: MONKEY KING, set in India, tells the story of a once suicidal orphan boy who has become a world class free-climbing champion. Over 300,000 views on youtube.